Digital Archive

The Goodwill Onlus Italia cares about a cost reduction and, as far the archive, it wants to work in a scientific management for the whole documentation including:

  • Manual acquisition of paper documents;
  • Digitization;
  • Classification;
  • Indexing and a storage on optical media for consultation.

The above system will still focus on the protection of each person's privacy, while also guarantying professional and efficient service. Thanks to this system of classification of documents, we get an unlimited availability of space, the possibility to be faster to give the information requested, to have a cost reduction and to be safer as far as private policy matters are concerned.

For the companies and for the public and private sectors this equates to:

  • Cost reduction for the manual archive of documents;
  • An improvement of the internal processes as far as far documentation.

Goodwill, to offer this type of service, will use a specialized software generated for digital archive only. The software will give the possibility to archive documents and all data classification in order to guarantee a quick and safe research. The access will be allowed only to the users with the proper authorization. Goodwill Onlus Italia will guarantee this service with the support of 12 disabled workers that, under the supervision of expert tutors and counselors, will guarantee the Goodwill philosophy: "The Power of Work improves the quality of life especially for people with special needs, and it gives them the opportunity to show their skills in the service of others". Goodwill Italia, through the concept of "Know How", obtained from Goodwill Industries of Pittsburgh, wants to experience a new way of job placement for people in difficulties. This method will make sure that human resources will work in the computer labs, except for the times when it will be necessary to collect the documentation to archive from the head office.