Goodwill Office Centre

Goodwill italia promotes development programs to business companies. The above programs made by the Goodwill Industries International and the Goodwill Southern Pensylvania, based on the "Know−How" concept, employs persons with disabilities, students and those with special needs who are well-trained in advance to their placement in public sectors, companies and other sections such as: the digital archive of data and documents; mailing activity, call centers and many other opportunities which ur partners and labor markets may request. All companies are welcome to report any eventual services that Goodwill Italia Onlus should take care of.

Goodwill Home Centre

We are working on a project in order to create and host a community and a development center of employment for persons with disabilities, disadvantaged people, students that want to be involved in the non−profit world and all those ones who desire or need to radically change their job and life circumstances.

The Program provides/includes: "Social Services and Employment Center" As far as the employment assistance it will focus the attention on the rediscovery of old and new jobs, and also as a business start−up for singles and associated persons.

Goodwill Home

Realize a service included in the network systems that:

  • Can be a valid alternative to the institutionalization;
  • Can support families through a service net;
  • Can promote individual developing programs with specific activities outside and inside the community;
  • Can facilitate the integration into the local community.